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Album: Only Weapon of Choice, The - 13 Odes to Power, Decimation and Conquest

Added on 11/16/2003 6:00 AM by Goreripper | Last updated on 5/24/2004 5:00 AM by Goreripper

Atomizer Lineup

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In Guest Appearances
Jason Healey Vocals, Bass
Jason Saunders (as Saundies) Guitar Hobbs' Angel of Death Sithlord
Aaren Suttil (as Sudz) Drums Dreadnaught
Jay Young Guitar

Atomizer Guests

Track List (1 Discs)

Disc 1 (13 Tracks )

  1. Power Not Participation
  2. And the Hunt Starts Again
  3. When I Die, I Wanna Die Violently
  4. Campaign
  5. War That Never Ended
  6. Only Weapon of Choice
  7. Isolation
  8. One Man's Failure
  9. So Terrified, Yet So in Control
  10. Join the Blackheart Reich
  11. For Blackness Absolute
  12. Sometimes They Hear the Bullet
  13. Fog of War

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