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Album: Feeding The Machine


Added on 4/29/2002 5:00 AM by jimbobhickville | Last updated on 5/12/2002 5:00 AM by jimbobhickville

James Murphy Lineup

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In Guest Appearances
Deen Castronovo Drums Marty Friedman G/Z/R, Hawaii, Tony MacAlpine, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Vai
James Murphy Guitar, Keyboard Cancer, Death, Disincarnate, Konkhra, Obituary, Testament Agent Steel, Artension, Broken Hope, Crotchduster, Warrel Dane, Dekapitator, Enforsaken, Explorer's Club, Foreign Objects, Gorguts, Malevolent Creation, Nevermore, Single Bullet Theory, Solstice (USA), Transmetal, John West

James Murphy Guests

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In Guest Appearances
Chuck Billy Vocals Dublin Death Patrol, Testament
Clark Brown Vocals G/Z/R LD/50
Jeremy Colson Drums Dali's Dilemma, LD/50, MSG (Michael Schenker Group), Steve Vai Leonardo, Lindsey Boullt
Steve Digiorgio Bass Futures End, PainMuseum, Sadus, Sebastian Bach & Friends Control Denied, Dark Hall, Death, Testament Artension, Autopsy, Dragonlord, Iced Earth, Lunaris, Quo Vadis (CAN), Scariot, Vintersorg
Trent Gardner Vocals Magellan Explorer's Club, Leonardo
Matt Guillory Keyboard Dali's Dilemma, James LaBrie, Mullmuzzler, Zero Hour Explorer's Club, John West
Stu Hamm Bass G3, MSG (Michael Schenker Group), Joe Satriani, Steve Vai Lindsey Boullt
Chris Kontos Drums Konkhra, Machine Head
Vitalij Kuprij Keyboard Artension, Book of Reflections, Ferrigno / Leal / Kuprij, Vitalij Kuprij Adagio, Mark Boals, Ring of Fire, Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Chris Long Vocals
Lonnie Park Vocals John West John West
John West Vocals Artension, Emir Hot, Feinstein, John West Royal Hunt, Savatage, Sun Red Sun

Track List (1 Discs)

Disc 1 (9 Tracks - 57:20)

  1. Contagion (5:20)
  2. No One Can Tell You (6:01)
  3. Epoch (7:15)
  4. Deconstruct (6:19)
  5. Odyssey (7:35)
  6. Through Your Eyes (Distant Mirrors) (7:42)
  7. Race With Devil On Spanish Highway (6:20)
  8. Visitors (7:02)
  9. In Lingua Mortua (3:46)

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