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Album: The Electric Joe Satriani - An Anthology (Comp)


Added on 7/22/2004 5:00 AM by Goreripper

Joe Satriani Lineup

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In Guest Appearances
Gregg Bissonette Drums Jason Becker
Matt Bissonette Bass Mistheria Jason Becker
Jeff Campitelli Drums, Percussion G3
Eric Caudieux Keyboard, Percussion
John Cuniberti Drums, Percussion
Nathan East Bass
Stu Hamm Bass G3, MSG (Michael Schenker Group), Steve Vai Lindsey Boullt, James Murphy
Rhoades Howe Percussion
Ethan John Drums
Andy Johns Organ
Simon Phillips Drums Judas Priest, MSG (Michael Schenker Group), Derek Sherinian Derek Sherinian
Joe Satriani Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Percussion G3 Blue Öyster Cult, Alice Cooper
Bongo Bob Smith Drums, Percussion
Elk Thunder Percussion
Brett Tuggle Organ
Eric Valentine Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Percussion
Doug Wimbish Bass Living Colour

Joe Satriani Guests

Track List (2 Discs)

Disc 1 (15 Tracks )

  1. Surfing With the Alien
  2. Satch Boogie
  3. Always With Me, Always With You
  4. Crushing Day
  5. Flying in a Blue Dream
  6. The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
  7. I Believe
  8. Big Bad Moon
  9. Friends
  10. The Extremist
  11. Summer Song
  12. Why
  13. Time Machine
  14. Cool #9
  15. Down, Down, Down

Disc 2 (15 Tracks )

  1. The Crush of Love
  2. Ceremony
  3. Crystal Planet
  4. Raspberry Jam Delta-V
  5. Love Thing
  6. Borg Sex
  7. Until We Say Goodbye
  8. Devil's Slide
  9. Clouds Race Across the Sky
  10. Starry Night
  11. Mind Storm
  12. Slick
  13. The Eight Steps
  14. Not of This Earth
  15. Rubina

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