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Band: Nightwish

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Nightwish is a pretty straightforward power metal band from Finland. Well, with one exception: Vocalist Tarja Turunen is easily the best operatic vocalist in metal today. With her vocals and some solid songwriting, Nightwish have become one of the more popular bands in metal. On their debut "Angels Fall First", they also utilized clean male vocals, but unfortunately the male vocals weren't very good and only detracted from the overall sound. They wisened up and stuck to using Tarja's beautiful voice exclusively after that release.

After releasing "Century Child", the band took nearly a year off to allow Tarja to return to school and train her voice even more. The band is currently looking for a new singer/front woman.

New fans should start with Oceanborn or Wishmaster and then work their way out from there.

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (25 Releases)

2009 - Made in Hong Kong (and in Various Other Places) by Nightwish

2007 - Dark Passion Play by Nightwish

2006 - End of an Era (live/DVD) by Nightwish

2005 - Sleeping Sun (single) by Nightwish

2005 - Highest Hopes - The Best of Nightwish (comp) by Nightwish

2005 - The Siren (Single) by Nightwish

2004 - Tales From the Elvenpath (comp) by Nightwish

2004 - Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan (Single) by Nightwish

2004 - Wish I Had An Angel (Single) by Nightwish

2004 - Once by Nightwish

2004 - Nemo (Single) by Nightwish

2002 - Bless The Child (EP) by Nightwish

2002 - Ever Dream (Single) by Nightwish

2002 - Century Child by Nightwish

2001 - From Wishes To Eternity (Live) by Nightwish

2001 - Over the Hills And Far Away by Nightwish

2000 - Wishmastour 2000 (Live) by Nightwish

2000 - Deep Silent Complete (Single) by Nightwish

2000 - Wishmaster by Nightwish

1999 - Sleeping Sun (Single) by Nightwish

1998 - Walking In The Air (Single) by Nightwish

1998 - Sacrament of Wilderness (Single) by Nightwish

1998 - Oceanborn by Nightwish

1997 - The Carpenter (Single) by Nightwish


1997 - Angels Fall First by Nightwish

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