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Band: Sieges Even

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Sieges Even had a very scandalous start with their first album sounding almost identical to seminal tech-metallers Watchtower. Even the title of the album "Lifecycle" is eerily similar to the song "Life Cycles" from Watchtower's "Control and Resistance". Despite the shady beginnings, they soon molded their sound into one of the best amalgamations of prog metal and jazz fusion to date, especially on "Sophisticated" and "Uneven". Vocals have always been a weak point, but really only the first two releases have terrible vocals (and I mean terrible). Beginning with "A Sense of Change", their softest release (really more of a prog rock release), the vocals improved dramatically. Their last vocalist, Greg Keller, has a Freddie Mercury sound to his voice that, IMO, works well with the material.

After "Uneven", they disbanded and several members moved on to other projects, most notably the Holzwarth brothers' stints with Blind Guardian and Rhapsody. Also, Wolfgang Zenk returned to his fusion roots with the excellent 7for4.

After playing under the names "Looking Glass Self" and "Val'Paraiso", Sieges Even reformed in early 2004 to play the Headway Festival. They also have begun working on a new CD entitled "The Art of Navigating the Stars", hoping for a Fall/Winter 2004 release.

A note for collectors: the last two releases are incredibly rare, but the other three are still in circulation and can be found online with a little looking. If anyone finds a non-promo version of "Sophisticated", please email me; I've been looking for over two years now.

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (8 Releases)

2007 - Paramount by Sieges Even

2005 - The Art Of Navigating By The Stars by Sieges Even

1997 - Uneven by Sieges Even

1995 - Sophisticated by Sieges Even

1991 - A Sense Of Change by Sieges Even

1990 - Steps by Sieges Even

1988 - Lifecycle by Sieges Even

1988 - Repression and Resistance (Demo) by Sieges Even

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