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Band: In Flames

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In Flames was one of the first melodic death metal bands from Sweden to break through in the wake of At The Gates' success. The Jester Race and Whoracle are generally regarded as defining moments for the genre; since then In Flames has become gradually even more melodic as well as significantly less heavy and aggressive. Reroute... and Soundtrack..., while retaining the In Flames reputation for excellence, show a marked departure from metal towards a distinctly melodic alternative rock sound.

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (17 Releases)

2008 - A Sense of Purpose by In Flames

2008 - The Mirror's Truth (EP) by In Flames

2006 - Come Clarity by In Flames

2004 - Soundtrack to Your Escape by In Flames

2004 - The Quiet Place (Single) by In Flames

2003 - Trigger (EP) by In Flames

2002 - Cloud Connected (Single) by In Flames

2002 - Reroute To Remain by In Flames

2001 - The Tokyo Showdown (Live) by In Flames

2000 - Clayman by In Flames

1999 - Lunar Strain & Subterranean by In Flames

1999 - Colony by In Flames

1997 - Whoracle by In Flames


1997 - Black Ash Inheritance (EP) by In Flames


1996 - The Jester Race by In Flames

Anders Friden Vocals
Björn Gelotte Guitar, Drums
Johan Larsson Bass, Backing Vocals
Glenn Ljungström Guitar
Jesper Strömblad Guitar, Keyboard

1994 - Subterranean (EP) by In Flames

1994 - Lunar Strain by In Flames

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