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Band: Candlemass

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Candlemass are the founders of the modern doom metal scene. While they started off excellent (the first 3 albums are masterpieces), they slowly faded towards mediocrity after Tales of Creation. Luckily, they returned to form on their last release, which is a nice combination of the great doom sounds of their early work with some of the thrashiness of Abstrakt Algebra (a temporary project for Leif Edling).

After a long hiatus, Candlemass reformed and began performing live. For a while, they stated that they had no recording plans, but it seems that they decided to give it a go, releasing the excellent self-titled CD in 2005. A new disc is supposedly in the works, as well.


On January 22, 2007, it was announced that Rob Lowe of Solitude Aeturnus had joined as the new singer. 

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In Guest Appearances
Mats Björkman Guitar Nemesis (SWE), Zoic
Leif Edling Bass Krux Abstrakt Algebra, Nemesis (SWE)
Lasse Johansson Guitar Zoic
Jan Lindh Drums Zoic
Robert Lowe Vocals Solitude Aeturnus

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (22 Releases)

2009 - Death Magic Doom by Candlemass

2008 - Lucifer Rising by Candlemass

2007 - King of the Grey Islands by Candlemass

2005 - Candlemass by Candlemass

2004 - Essential Doom (Comp.) by Candlemass

2003 - Doomed For Live - Reunion 2002 (Live) by Candlemass

2003 - Diamonds Of Doom (Comp.) by Candlemass

2002 - The Black Heart of Candlemass - Leif Edling Demos & Outtakes '83-'99 (Comp.) (split with Abstrakt Algebra / Candlemass / Nemesis (SWE))

2001 - Nimis (EP) by Candlemass

1999 - From The 13th Sun by Candlemass

1998 - Wiz (EP) by Candlemass

1998 - Dactylis Glomerata by Candlemass

1994 - As It Is, As It Was (Comp.) by Candlemass

1993 - Sjunger Sigge Furst (EP) by Candlemass

1992 - Chapter VI by Candlemass

1990 - Live (Live) by Candlemass

1989 - Tales Of Creation by Candlemass

1988 - Ancient Dreams by Candlemass

1988 - At The Gallows End (Single) by Candlemass

1988 - Samarithan (Single) by Candlemass

1987 - Nightfall by Candlemass

1986 - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus by Candlemass

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