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Band: Marduk

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Marduk was the Swedish answer to Norway's black metal scene, and with a sound and style along similar lines. By Nightwing their style had matured beyond their somewhat raw beginnings. Panzer Division Marduk is an insurmountable blitz of percussive grind and extreme black metal but the albums since then have been slower and more expansive.

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (21 Releases)

2007 - Rom 5:12 by Marduk

2005 - Warschau (live) by Marduk

2004 - Plague Angel by Marduk

2003 - World Funeral by Marduk

2003 - Hearse (Single) by Marduk

2002 - Slay The Nazarene (EP) by Marduk

2002 - Blackcrowned (Video + 2-CD, Box) by Marduk

2001 - La Grande Danse Macabre by Marduk

2000 - Obedience (EP) by Marduk

2000 - Infernal Eternal (Live) by Marduk

1999 - Panzer Division Marduk by Marduk

1998 - Nightwing by Marduk

1997 - Live In Germania (Live) by Marduk

1997 - Here's No Peace (EP) by Marduk

1996 - Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered by Marduk

1996 - Glorification (EP) by Marduk

1995 - Fuck Me Jesus (EP) by Marduk

1994 - Opus Nocturne by Marduk

1993 - Those Of The Unlight by Marduk

1992 - Dark Endless by Marduk

1991 - Fuck Me Jesus (Demo) by Marduk

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