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Band: This Ending

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THIS ENDING was created in 2005 but the history goes further back than that. The band existed in a previous incarnation as A Canorous Quintet which was formed in 1991 by Fredrik Andersson, Mårten Hansen and Linus Nirbrant. After some changes the line-up was complete with the addition of Leo Pignon and Jesper Löfgren. The band released an Ep; "As tears" 1994 and two full length albums; "Silence of the world beyond" 1996 and "The only pure hate" 1998. They performed numerous shows with acts like At the gates, Dissection, Hypocrisy and Edge of sanity to name a few, and got known for being a very aggressive live band. They have received a cult following since the mid nineties especially in Sweden and Germany.

A Canorous Quintet has been inactive since 1998 when the members decided to go different ways. Linus, Jesper and Fredrik continued with Guidance of Sin. Fredrik however left in 1999 to continue his duties in Amon Amarth. Leo pursued his commitment in Niden div. 187 and Mårten, apart from singing in October Tide amongst other bands, later joined Sins of Omission.

The first seed for a new collaboration was sown when Fredrik recorded a 5 song demo under the name Curriculum Mortis in 2004. During winter of 2004/2005 the members played with the idea of regrouping for something new and early 2005 they decided it was time for a new era. During the spring and summer 13 songs were created, three of which were chosen for the downloadable demo "Let the world burn" recorded at Offbeat Studio later the same year. The demo was sent to one record label only and landed the band a deal on Metal Blade Records.

In September 2006 THIS ENDING once again entered Offbeat Studio to record their first full-length album "Inside the machine". 10 songs of top notch technical, brutal yet melodic metal were recorded for an early 2007 release. Expect the best possible dark and destructive death metal from these high profile musicians!

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2006 - Inside The Machine by This Ending


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