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Band: Infernal Butchery

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Images of hellish atrocities, abominations, serial killings, war, sadistic brutality and devastation, barbarism, horror and gore, pay homage to the themes that run through the catalogue of songs by Infernal Butchery. The bands full time members are Doug Williams founding member of Paregoric, who terrorized the underground metal scene in the early 1990's on guitar. Providing the skull crushing blast beats and sacrificial drumbeats is Rene' "Rash" Rodriguez the ex-drummer of Goat. VoKILLS are provided by "Evil" Ed Perez. Sludge filled grinding bass is provided by Infernus McBurnus ex- bassist of Houston based Necrosis ('91-'92), Gimp ('93) Scarred/Cannibal Terror (2005-2007). We are contiunously working on new music in the vein of OLD SCHOOL early 90's Death Metal!

Added on 2/29/2008 4:12 AM by Cannibaloki

Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In Guest Appearances
Roy Atkinson (as Dr Death) Vocals
René Rodriguez (as Rash) Drums
Lee Webster (as Infernus McBurnus) Bass
Doug Williams (as The Slug) Guitar

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (1 Releases)

2007 - Obsessed by Death by Infernal Butchery

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