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Band: Dream Theater

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Dream Theater are credited with creating the modern prog metal sound, and countless bands have tried to copy their style to no avail. They continue to push the boundaries of prog, as each CD shows marked growth and improvement (except "Falling Into Infinity" which is a rather mediocre album). Labrie's vocals seem to be a controversial topic, with many, myself included, finding them to be quite good, and others who seem to really hate them. He does, at times, have a slight nasal tone, but generally his voice is quite smooth and melodic. Musically, DT are all about technically intricate and melodic pieces. Best album is another hotly debated subject; many prefer the early releases, but I personally think they have mostly improved their sound over time. "6 Degrees" is a complex, dark masterpiece, IMO, and "Scenes" is one of the best concept discs to date, but I still find "Awake" to be almost on par with them. Many of the band members are also involved in side projects, but they still manage to tour extensively and record new material. This is the band by which all other prog metal bands are measured, and deservedly so.

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (24 Releases)

2009 - Black Clouds and Silver Linings by Dream Theater

2008 - Chaos in Motion 2007 - 2008 (live) by Dream Theater

2008 - Greatest Hit (...and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs) (comp) by Dream Theater

2007 - Systematic Chaos by Dream Theater

2006 - Score (live) by Dream Theater

2006 - Score (live DVD) by Dream Theater

2005 - Octavarium by Dream Theater

2004 - Live at Budokan (live) by Dream Theater

2003 - Train Of Thought by Dream Theater

2002 - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence by Dream Theater

2001 - Live Scenes From New York (Live) by Dream Theater

2000 - Through Her Eyes (Single) by Dream Theater

1999 - Metropolis Pt. II: Scenes From A Memory by Dream Theater

1998 - Once In A Livetime (Live) by Dream Theater

1997 - Falling Into Infinity by Dream Theater

1997 - Hollow Years (Single) by Dream Theater

1995 - A Change Of Seasons by Dream Theater

1994 - Awake by Dream Theater

1994 - The Silent Man (Single) by Dream Theater

1994 - Lie (Single) by Dream Theater

1993 - Live At The Marquee (Live) by Dream Theater

1992 - Another Day (Single) by Dream Theater

1992 - Images And Words by Dream Theater

1989 - When Dream And Day Unite by Dream Theater

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