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Band: Riff

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The guitar player Pappo (Norberto Napolitano) made his first record already in 1971 with PAPPOS BLUES. Some of this records called "Vol 1" till "Vol 7" (1978) have more to do with Hard Rock instead of Blues. In 1980 he went to Europe and got infested by the Metal virus. He founded the first real Hard Rock band in Argentina, using the AC-DC style. As the first Hard Rocker he has now a God like status, and his Leather clothes were displayed in the exhibition "30 years of Rock in Argentina" like a relic. In 1983 after the riots the band dissolved, and real heavy bands took over. Today if you look back, the music is very old style Hard Rock, and they copied a lot from AC-DC. They made in the next years all their own solo careers. Vittiko released an album under his name (that you can forget!), and Boff founded BOXER which made one album that contains good Metal. The double album "Pappo in concierto" from 1984 is surprisingly heavy.
 In 1985 they got together again, and on the following album "VII", they used an extra singer. This makes it sound much better as Pappos voice is not very good, and also music wise it is the best album. After a while they split again. Pappo started with a new project called PAPPO Y HOY NO ES HOY (together with old member Boff), and the LP "Plan diabolico" from 1987 is like one of the best RIFF albums. RIFF was together again in 1992 in the first line up. The record from this year "Zona de nadie" is really bad, and they split again. Drummer and bass player are from the high society, and they only come together when they feel like it, and then disappear again for years. During this time Pappo has his band BLUES SPIRIT and he had a radio hit in the mid 90s. With that he became the darling of all old ladies. 1997 they recorded a new good RIFF album together, and played live here and there. Pappo played a mechanic in a TV soap. Pappo made in 2000 a solo album and toured with it till the far south, to Fireland. Boff made also a solo album in the year 2000. In February 2005 Pappo Died in a Car Accident, probably this were the end of Riff.

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1992 - Zona de Nadie by Riff


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