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Band: Dysrhythmia

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Philadelphia's Dysrhythmia are a fine instrumental trio, focusing on a combination of math rock, metal, art rock, and jazz. After releasing two full-length albums independently, and gathering a small fanbase of rabid fans, they were signed to Relapse Records. A better move could not have been made by the band. The label set them up to tour with some of their more popular acts like Mastodon, which provided increased exposure to the band. In the midst of touring, the band managed to release Pretest, which allowed a little bit of their raw side to creep into their tight, technical playing.

Sadly, sometime during the subsequent touring, bassist Clayton Ingerson decided to leave the band. It didn't take long for longtime cohort Colin Marston from Behold... the Arctopus and Infidel? / Castro! to step in and fill his spot. Barriers and Passages, which sounds like a mix between Pretest and Behold... the Arctopus was then released in April 2006.

The band has begun another tour, this time with Chicago's Yakuza, and Colin's own Behold... the Arctopus.

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In Guest Appearances
Jeff Eber Drums Spastic Ink
Kevin Hufnagel Guitar Byla
Colin Marston Bass Behold... the Arctopus, Byla, Indricothere, Infidel? / Castro!, Krallice

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (9 Releases)

2009 - Psychic Maps by Dysrhythmia

2007 - Fractures (EP, split w/ Rothko) by Dysrhythmia

2006 - Barriers And Passages by Dysrhythmia

2004 - Live at Contamination Festival (live) by Dysrhythmia

2003 - Pretest by Dysrhythmia

2002 - "Conjoined" Sheet Lead (7") (split with Dysrhythmia / Technician)

2001 - Annihilation (split with Dysrhythmia / XthoughtstreamsX)

2001 - No Interference by Dysrhythmia

2000 - Contradiction by Dysrhythmia

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