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Band: Fates Warning

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Fates Warning are an old American power metal band who have gradually become more and more progressive. Many current prog metal bands cite them as a major influence. IMO, their first 4 CDs, and the latest 2 are excellent, while the others are rather ho-hum. For anyone into bands like Rush, Sanctuary, and Iron Maiden, you should all find something to like here.

Work has apparently been underway on a follow up to Fates Warning X for several years, but with Ray being unable to commit to the recordings, probably due to his full time duties with Redemption, Matheos has recruited ex-vocalist John Arch and formed a new band, Arch/Matheos, to record and release their new material, which should be out around September 2011.

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (12 Releases)

2004 - X by Fates Warning


2000 - Disconnected by Fates Warning


1998 - Still Life (Live) by Fates Warning

1997 - A Pleasant Shade Of Gray by Fates Warning


1995 - Chasing Time (Comp.) by Fates Warning

1994 - Inside Out by Fates Warning

1991 - Parallels by Fates Warning

1989 - Perfect Symmetry by Fates Warning

1988 - No Exit by Fates Warning

1986 - Awaken The Guardian by Fates Warning

1985 - The Spectre Within by Fates Warning

1984 - Night On Brocken by Fates Warning

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