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Band: S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death)

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Humorband that the Anthrax guys and Billy Milano formed in the 80's, managed to produce some of the greatest thrash metal ever. The band was considered as one album project for long time but then they reformed and put out another studio album. Now the band has disbanded again, because problems between Milano and the other members. In the 80's Milano tried to continue the success of the first SOD album with a a band called MOD, but failed miserably.

Added on 7/9/2002 5:00 AM by Voice of God | Last updated on 5/26/2006 1:53 AM by jimbobhickville

Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (5 Releases)

2000 - Speak English or Die (platinum edition) by S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death)

2000 - Seasoning the Obese (single) by S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death)

1999 - Bigger Than The Devil by S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death)

1992 - Live at Budokan (live) by S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death)

1985 - Speak English Or Die by S.O.D. (Stormtroopers of Death)

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