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Band: Angra

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There is really no metal band quite like Angra. A metal band from Brazil that incorporates Euro-style power metal with their native tribal insturmentations. The band formed in the early 90's and statred out with former Viper vocalist Andre Matos. Angra expoled onto the metal scene with the release of "Angels Cry" and followed up with the classic "Holy Land" album. In five short years, Angra became one of the pillars of the flurishing power/progressive metal scene overseas, which in turn soon landed them a deal with Century Media to release their albums for the first time in the states. in late 99' vocalist Andre Matos, Bassist Luis Mariutti and drummer Ricardo Confessori broke away from Angra voicing personal/musical diffrences and formed their own band under the name 'Shaman', leaving founders and guitarists Rafael Bittencourt and Kiko Loureiro to carry on the Angra name alone. No more than a year later, the two guitarist regrouped with an entierly new line-up, and a fresh new sound. The year 2001 saw the release of their strongest effort to date "Rebirth" debuting new vocalist Edu Falaschi, Bassist Felipe Andreoli and drummer Anquiles Priester. The title of their latest album was most definalty a fitting label, fueling a stronger more flexable Angra.

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In
Marco Antunes Drums
Andre Linhares Bastos Guitar
Andre Hernandes Guitar Andre Matos

Discography (12 Releases)

2006 - Aurora Consurgens by Angra

2004 - Temple Of Shadows by Angra

2002 - Rebirth World Tour - Live in São Paulo by Angra

2002 - Hunters And Prey (EP) by Angra

2001 - Rebirth by Angra

1998 - Fireworks by Angra

1998 - Lisbon (Single) by Angra

1997 - Holy Live (Live) by Angra

1996 - Freedom Call (EP) by Angra

1996 - Holy Land by Angra

1994 - Evil Warning (EP) by Angra

1993 - Angels Cry by Angra

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