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Bands By Genre: Death Metal: Page 1

Death Metal evolved out of Thrash, but they took it to the next level. Vocals are growled or barked (the more unintelligible the better). The lyrics of early death metal bands like Death, Obituary, Napalm Death, and Entombed, generally dealt with murder, disembowlment, and other unpleasantries, but over time many Death Metal bands changed their lyrical focus (Death and Cynic delved into philosophy and new age sprituality in some cases, for example). There are several sub-genres here, most notably Technical Death Metal (bands like Cynic, Theory in Practice, and Martyr who have a base in death metal, but focus more on technical playing) and Melodic Death Metal (sometimes referred to as Gothenburg Death Metal, from where it originated, bands like Soilwork, In Flames, and others who have a base in death metal, but add a melodic twist through guitar harmonization reminiscent of Iron Maiden).

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