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Links: Reviews

Digital Metal


Great review site that also has news and interviews. It doesn't get updated quite as often as it used to, but what they put up is quality.

Metal CD Ratings


Clint started up Metal CD Ratings 'round about 2004. They review a lot of different types of metal, but Power Metal is the main focus. It's a simple, easy-to-navigate place, and there are a lot of reviews. So, go thither Power Metal fans, and rejoice.

Metal Covenant


Pretty cool review/interview/etc site I just found out about. Looks like they cover a wide range of metal genres and related bands.

Metal Judgement


Metal Judgement used to put out reviews of 2 CDs every Friday, but lately it seems to be slowing down. They have 3 on-staff reviewers who all review the same discs, so it gives you a fairly broad cross-section of tastes. They also have an extended staff who regularly submit reviews in the Summary Judgement section, and the occasional demo review is posted.

Not sure why things have slowed down over there, but I hope they keep it going.

Rate Your Music


Lets you add and review any albums you wish. Pretty thorough resource, although it doesn't include tracklistings or detailed lineup information. All reviews are posted by people, wikipedia-style.

It's particularly useful for finding album covers, which it lets anyone upload.

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