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Links: Reference

Australian Metal Guide


A reference site that focuses on Australian metal and heavy rock acts exclusively.

BNR Metal Pages


The BNR Metal Pages is the online home of Brian Russ, a long-time metal fan who has taken it upon himself to catalog everything he has heard. This site was the inspiration for Librarius Metallicus. It's a great resource.

Metal Archives


Shortly after Librarius Metallicus went live, another similar site sprang up. Their approach is a bit different, in that they let anyone contribute, but leave a few moderators to review and approve submissions. I considered that approach when building Librarius Metallicus, but I decided it would be easier to maintain if I left control of who could add material to people I trusted to not need supervision. Different approaches, different results. Regardless, it's another great resource for metal fans.

New Wave of British Heavy Metal Online Encyclopedia


Incomplete but interesting listing of bands from the NWOBHM period. Includes interviews, articles and photos from the time and sometimes sketchy bio and release informatoin.

Rock Detector


New Zealander Gary Sharpe-Young has built perhaps the world's ultimate rock band information resource, with complete discographies and well-researched, highly detailed biographical data for thousands and thousands of rock and metal bands from around the world.

Vampire Magazine


Pretty similar to us or Metal Archives.

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