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Musician: Andreas Lill

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Added on 6/5/2002 5:00 AM by Lutz

Band Member Discography (13 Releases)

2010 - The Seraphic Clockwork by Vanden Plas

2006 - Christ.O by Vanden Plas

2004 - Abydos by Abydos

Charlotte Bauman Vocals
Gary Carson Spoken Voice
Stephan Glass Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Piano, Percussion, Loops
Mayka Kiefer Vocals
Michael Krauss Guitar, Keyboard, Piano
Andy Kuntz Vocals, Backing Vocals
Andreas Lill Drums
Isabelle Margot Strings
Karin Van De Welde Strings

2003 - The Second Coming by Winterlong


2003 - The Seventh Sign by Section A

Torben Enevoldsen Guitar, Bass, Keyboard
Anders Engberg Vocals
Andreas Lill Drums

2002 - Missa Mercuria by Missa Mercuria

2002 - Beyond Daylight by Vanden Plas

2000 - Spirit Of Live by Vanden Plas

2000 - I Don't Miss You (EP) by Vanden Plas

1999 - Far Off Grace by Vanden Plas

1997 - The God Thing by Vanden Plas

1996 - AcCult by Vanden Plas

1994 - Colour Temple by Vanden Plas

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