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Librarian: Dustin (Dustin Mitchell)

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I'm a metal fan. It's that simple. That is truly why I am contributing to this amazing website! When I met Greg (the overlord of this database) on the band WATCHTOWER's forum, we began to have in depth discussions about metal bands from the past, present and even ones up & coming, Greg asked me if I wanted to contribute.....HELL YES! I have spent years upon years filling my head with this music and everything there is about it, and I finally have another outlet outside my band KATAGORY V! My specialty on this site would be describing the bands and there history...I guess I am one of the sites historians perhaps? And not to toot my own horn, but 80-90% of the information I enter is from whats been stored in my head for the last 15 years of being a metal head! I don't use bands web bios or hard copies unless I am REALLY stumped! so....If something is inaccurate, just contact me and I'll fix it...or even debate it! This is of course something that I volunteer to do when I am not playing bass in KATAGORY V, so I may not jump on things right away because KATAGORY V is my #1 priority, But it will be done rest assured! I hope that this site and my contributions help many other metal fans like myself discover things they never new about there favorite bands or even explore new bands they have never known! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns! Cheers!!!!

[Contact Me] [http://www.katagory5.com]

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