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Band: Korn

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Korn, formed in 1993, are credited to be the originators of the nu-metal genre in early 90's. This led to inspire a countless wave (especially in the U.S) of nu- metal (rap meets metal) and alternative metal bands in late 90's until now. Other known acts in the field are Limp Bizkit, Staind, Linking Park and Incubus. The band have sold over 25 million records worldwide, including 16 million in the U.S., making them one of the best-selling metal acts of the last twelve years. Korn is a favorite among teens and has been one of the most influential bands in the 90's mainly because of the lyrics of the songs (Korn's lyrical inspiration is from a troubled childhood of singer Jonathan Davis).

Guitarist Brian "Head" Welch left the band in 2005 due to new beliefs and to reinvent his music as a Christian solo artist.

Added on 7/22/2006 4:30 PM by Skizu di Oz

Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In Guest Appearances
Jonathan Davis Vocals Deadsy, Sepultura
Reginald Quincy Arvizu Bass
James Christian Shaffer Guitar
David Silveria Drums

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (10 Releases)

2006 - Live And Rare (Comp) by Korn

2005 - See You On The Other Side by Korn

2004 - Greatest Hits, Vol.1 (Comp + DVD) by Korn

2003 - Take A Look In The Mirror by Korn

2002 - Untouchables by Korn

1999 - Issues by Korn

Jonathan Davis Vocals, Drums, Programming, Bag pipes
Reginald Quincy Arvizu Bass, Programming
James Christian Shaffer Guitar
David Silveria Drums

1998 - Follow The Leader by Korn

1996 - Life Is Peachy by Korn

1994 - Korn by Korn

1993 - Neidermeyer's Mind (Demo) by Korn

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