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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is it called Librarius Metallicus?

    When I was building the site, I went through several different names. I suggested Librarius Metallicus on a lark and as an homage to the classic Candlemass debut Epicus, Doomicus, Metallicus. People dug it, so I kept it. I know that it is not correct Latin, but I don't care. To see how the database has evolved over time, check out the History of Librarius Metallicus.

  2. Why is such-and-such band not listed, or how can we get our band listed?

    The most likely reason a band is not yet list is because we don't know about the band. Please use the Suggest a Band Form to let us know about bands we should add, including your own. People who are in bands are welcome to send promos. We don't dislike freebies. However, you should know that we do not do in-depth album reviews. We focus on being more of a reference site, with opinion being a secondary, optional thing. For privacy reasons, we do not publish an address on the site, however you can use the Contact Us form to contact a Librarian of your choice and ask them where to send your promos.

  3. How do I get incorrect information updated or missing information added?

    We try to keep up on all of the bands in the database, but unfortunately many people who used to work on the site have moved on, and many of the active Librarians simply have too much data to maintain consistently. If you visit a page that is not up-to-date or has errors, simply use the Report Error page to let us know about it. We'll try to get to it ASAP.

  4. What is a librarian and why should I want to be one?

    One of the earliest contributors to the site, Dustin Mitchell, suggested the name 'Librarian' for the people who work on the site because it was called Librarius Metallicus. It stuck. If you want to take an active role in maintaing the database, you should Apply to be a Librarian. We want people who are willing to consistently contribute to the database. If you only want to add a couple bands and move on, use the Suggest a Band Form. If you're interested, you can view the currently active Librarian Profiles.

  5. Why are some non-metal bands listed? Why do you cover -core bands and nu-metal?

    Non-metal side projects of metal musicians, bands that once played metal but no longer do, and bands that aren't quite metal, but should appeal to metal fans are included in this database. Also, bands that have played a large influential role on the metal scene are included. The reason is that the purpose of the site was to give metal fans a resource for finding more bands to listen to. So, sometimes that includes bands that aren't quite metal. There are a few metalcore and nu-metal bands on the site as well. We feel that we shouldn't totally discount a band because of the genre associations they keep, and bands that are mostly metal but get lumped in with those genres are just fine by us.

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