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Band: Noctuary (US - OH)

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Noctuary came into being in the spring of 1996 by ex-members of The Forgotten and Apocrafyx.  The music was a mixture of death and black metal having low gutteral vocals mixed with some high shrill vocals.  The guitars melded melodic parts with a doom/death type sound.

At first, the band was writing material in a raw and simple style of death and black metal. Later, Noctuary ditched most of their old material for newer more melodic and polished songs which started being accompanied by keyboards.

They recruited 18 year old keyboardist James Chartchenko and later went into the studio to record their debut self-titled  five song demo.  Chartchenko wrote a fantastic piano piece for the demo called 'Images of Fallen Seraphim."

The songs were played quite a bit on local college radio and Noctuary was quickly forming a following. The band also adopted the Norwegian-inspired "corpse paint" or "battle paint" others choose to call it. 

A personnel change was made when bassist Sonny Luciano joined the Army and Noctuary was forced to recruit bassist Dennis Fuldauer (ex-Drogheda, ex-Escalation Anger).  Also, keyboardist James Chartchenko departed the band and was replaced temporarily by Somnus keyboardist Rhiannon.

Again, material was rewritten and some new songs were written. The band was tuned to C and then later an almost B sharp.  The final recording (a one song studio session featuring Rhiannon on keys) had them tuned to C sharp to accomodate Rhiannon's keyboard.

The final song "The Concubine Will Suffice" showed their music maturing in a more orchestrated direction rather than the raw Euro-black metal influenced sound.

The band unprecedently broke up before a scheduled performance and frontman Michael Daimon joined forces with friend and producer of their last recorded song, Dennis Downey, to later form Sanctorum.

The 1996 self-titled demo received a very good review from Sounds of Death magazine.  The demo's songlist is:

"Abysmal Hymnal", "Images of Fallen Seraphim (instr.)", "The Equinox is Thine", "Iconoclastic Cataclysm", "My Darkness Betrothed."

Recently, drummer Joseph Waltz ('Surt' of Black Trinity) remastered the demo at Track Six Studio and changed the spelling of the band name to 'Noktuary' so as to not be confused with California's Noctuary.

NOTE: the band didn't know of Noctuary's existence (the California band) before the naming of the band.

Noctuary recorded a self-titled demo in November 1996.

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In Guest Appearances
Rhiannon Keyboard
Michael Daimon Vocals, Guitar Hellfrost Apocrafyx, Sanctorum
Dennis Fuldauer Bass
Thomas Sahl Guitar
Joseph Waltz Drums

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In
James Chartchenko Keyboard
Sonny Luciano Bass

Discography (1 Releases)

1996 - self-titled by Noctuary (US - OH)


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