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Band: Venom

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Venom invented the term 'black metal' and pioneered the style, even though it wasn't to become widely popular for almost a decade. Legend has it the band started as a joke: the first two albums, classics though they are, are sloppy and badly-produced, although this is probably not actually the case as Venom had existed for more than a year before charismatic frontman Chronos joined. Venom caught on, however, gaining a massive following that carried them for four albums before cracks appeared. The style changed for the later recordings toward a more traditional thrash/power style, and compared to the early album when they couldn't really play, most of these are pretty wanting. Venom's albums since they reformed in the mid-90s range from poor ('Cast in Stone') to amazing ('Resurrection'). The first four albums are recommended, of course, as is 'Resurrection', which saw them adding a late 90s thrash aspect to their sound. 'Metal Black' is a misguided attempt to go back to their orginal sound.

There are a ton of Venom reissues and compilations around; the ones included below are probably the most comprehensive available as most feature pretty much the same tracks.

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In Guest Appearances
Rage Guitar
Antony Lant (as Antton) Drums
Conrad Lant (as Cronos) Vocals, Bass Cradle of Filth, HammerFall, Probot

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In
Clive Archer Vocals
Dave Blackman Vocals
Dean Hewitt Bass
Chris Mercators Drums
Dave Rutherford Guitar
Alan Winston Bass

Discography (29 Releases)

2008 - Hell by Venom

2006 - Metal Black by Venom

2005 - MMV (box set) by Venom

2002 - In League With Satan (comp.) by Venom

2000 - Resurrection by Venom

1998 - New, Live and Rare (comp.) by Venom

1997 - Cast in Stone by Venom

1997 - The Second Coming - Live At Dynamo 1996 (Live) by Venom

1992 - The Book Of Armageddon (Comp) by Venom

1992 - The Waste Lands by Venom

1991 - In Memorium (comp.) by Venom

1991 - Temples Of Ice by Venom

1990 - ...Tear Your Soul Apart (EP) by Venom

1989 - Prime Evil by Venom

1987 - Calm Before The Storm by Venom

1986 - The Singles 80-86 (Comp) by Venom

1986 - Eine Kleine Nachtmusic (live) by Venom

1985 - Possessed by Venom

1985 - Nightmare (single) by Venom

1985 - Canadian Assault (EP) by Venom

1985 - French Assault (EP) by Venom

1985 - American Assault (EP) by Venom

1984 - At War With Satan by Venom

1983 - Warhead (single) by Venom

1983 - Die Hard (single) by Venom

1982 - Black Metal by Venom

1982 - Blood Lust (single) by Venom

1981 - Welcome To Hell by Venom

1981 - In League With Satan (single) by Venom

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