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Band: Cadaver Inc.

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Featuring members of Aura Noir/Dodheimsgard/Cadaver etc. this band is another part of the new breed of Norwegian black/death metal. Blasting along at insane speed Cadaver Inc. incorporate some thrash influences and tend to use Voivod harmonies here and there. The ultra aggressive "Discipline" with its cold, ripping production should please all fans of bands like Myrkskog, Zyklon, latter day Satyricon or Emperor on "Equilibrium".

Added on 5/22/2002 5:00 AM by Nolloff | Last updated on 4/13/2006 2:01 PM by Goreripper

Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (3 Releases)

2001 - Live Inferno (Live) by Cadaver Inc.

2001 - Dicipline by Cadaver Inc.

2000 - Primal (Demo) by Cadaver Inc.

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