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Album: In Sorte Diaboli


Added on 4/16/2007 10:48 AM by John

Dimmu Borgir Lineup

Musician Instruments Currently Also In Used To Be In Guest Appearances
Thomas Rune Andersson (as Galder) Guitar Old Man's Child Dødheimsgard
Simen Hestæs (as ICS Vortex) Vocals, Bass Arcturus, Borknagar Dagoba
Sven Atle Kopperud (as Erkekjetter Silenoz) Guitar Nocturnal Breed
Øyvind Johan Mustaparta (as Mustis) Keyboard Susperia
Stian Thoresen (as Shagrath) Vocals Chrome Division Astarte, Ragnarok (NOR) Destruction, Kamelot
Jan Axel Von Blomberg (as Hellhammer) Drums Age of Silence, Mayhem, Thorns, Troll, Winds Antestor, Arcturus, Carnivora, Covenant, Jørn, The Kovenant, Mezzerschmitt, Mortem, Shining, Vidsyn Fleurety

Dimmu Borgir Guests

Track List (1 Discs)

Disc 1 (9 Tracks - 42:46)

  1. The Serpentine Offering (5:09)
  2. The Chosen Legacy (4:17)
  3. The Conspiracy Unfolds (5:24)
  4. The Sacrilegious Scorn (3:58)
  5. The Fallen Arise (2:59)
  6. The Sinister Awakening (5:09)
  7. The Fundamental Alienation (5:17)
  8. The Invaluable Darkness (4:44)
  9. The Foreshadowing Furnace (5:49)

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