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Band: Armored Saint

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Armored Saint played exceptional American style power metal. Their early work owed a lot to Judas Priest's more commerical moments but the band gradually began to develop a sound of its own. Tragically, as work began on what was to become their best album, "Symbol of Salvation", Dave Prichard developed leukemia and died on February 27, 1990. The band rallied and finished the album but then split immediately. Bush went to Anthrax and Vera to Fates Warning. At the end of the 90s Armored Saint reformed.

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (8 Releases)

2010 - La Raza by Armored Saint

2001 - Nod To The Old School (comp) by Armored Saint

2000 - Revelation by Armored Saint

John Bush Vocals
Jeff Duncan Guitar
Gonzo Sandoval Drums
Phil Sandoval Guitar
Joey Vera Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Percussion

1991 - Symbol Of Salvation by Armored Saint

1989 - Saints Will Conquer (Live) by Armored Saint

1987 - Raising Fear by Armored Saint


1985 - Delirious Nomad by Armored Saint


1984 - March Of The Saint by Armored Saint

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