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Band: Testament

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Originally known as Legacy, Testament are one of the first and one of the best Bay Area thrash bands, and the only one who didn't disband at any point. Really, each album has a unique sound, and each is undeniably metal (except for The Ritual). Testament are also one of the only bands that has actually gotten heavier as time progressed, which has pleased long-time fans like me, though I doubt they will ever equal the brilliance of "Practice What You Preach".

The band took a break while vocalist Chuck Billy was recovering from surgery which removed a cancerous tumor from his throat, but they are once again working on new material.

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Current (or Last Known) Lineup

Past Lineup (Members Who Never Appeared on an Album)

Discography (19 Releases)

2008 - The Formation of Damnation by Testament

2005 - Live In London (Live) by Testament

2004 - Days of Darkness (Comp) by Testament

2001 - First Strike Still Deadly by Testament

2001 - The Very Best Of (Comp) by Testament

1999 - The Gathering by Testament

1997 - Signs Of Chaos (Comp.) by Testament

1997 - Demonic by Testament

1996 - The Best Of Testament (Comp) by Testament

1995 - Live At The Fillmore (Live) by Testament

1994 - Low by Testament

1993 - Return To The Apocalyptic City (Live) by Testament

1992 - Electric Crown (Single) by Testament

1992 - The Ritual by Testament

1990 - Souls Of Black by Testament

1989 - Practice What You Preach by Testament

1988 - The New Order by Testament

1988 - Live at Eindhoven (Live) by Testament

1987 - The Legacy by Testament

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