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Librarian: jimbobhickville (Greg Hill)

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I've been a metal fan since I was 11 (when I discovered Anthrax). For the rest of my teenage years, I listened primarily to thrash, but also a little death metal and American power metal. After I got older, I got into prog, tech, goth, and doom metal, and even some metalcore and a very few European power metal bands. Black metal still eludes me; I find it totally unlistenable. But, there's plenty of black metal fans on the staff, so they'll fill you in. My primary interests lie in the avant-garde bands that are unique and defy proper genre categorization, although I'm still up for a good headbanging thrash song, too.

I owe a great deal to The BNR Metal Pages, which served as both a catalyst to me expanding my horizons, and as an inspiration in creating this site. I created this site to be a complete resource for people who wish to learn more about metal or just find a few new bands to listen to, and also as a resource to collectors who might be interested in finding releases of which they were unaware.

Over the years, I've discovered that trying to administrate the site, work on new features, and do my own part to build the database is too much. So, in late 2005, I handed over the admin duties to Goreripper so I could focus more on programming. Since then, things have picked up again, and that's excellent.

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